A Good Idea: Dim Light with a Handkerchief

Today there are many lamps that have automated the Regulation of intensity, with a remote control or a controller at the wall, which allows you to adjust the flow of light to the circumstances of each moment. Is not equal to the amount of light need in the bedroom to get up late in the day, or in the dining room for dinner or to see something on TV.

Yes our lamps they are not so modern and we don’t have that option to vary the flow of light emitted, we can reduce or Dim its intensity by placing a scarf fine upon the screen how we see in the picture, also according to the color of the chosen handkerchief, even we can modify the color which is transmitted to the environment, almost as if from a lamp of LEDs that change color, were.

Of course how interim solution, until we get a lamp of technological features more advanced, it is ideal, just be careful of the headscarf do not touch the bulb so it won’t burn, but placing it on screen, that should not be a problem, we can test with several demos with the color and intensity of light press and if we return to the initial situation We just have to remove it.