Bulb Fiction, Bulbs of Low Consumption But That Look like Traditional

I think that I am not mistaken if I say that I am not the only one nostalgic that hates the shape of most of the light bulbs of low consumption and on many occasions he misses the traditional. I know that as a matter of responsibility should opt for the low-power, but most are aesthetically much more ugly, or at least I I can’t see them.

So if happens to you as to me and even with the passage of time and despite already having the low consumption years ago at home, you have not accustomed to them and not have you taken taste to your design, here you have a solution. The idea is in dress light bulbs of low consumption of traditional lamps, with Bulb Fiction, which is the name of this invention.

The idea is simple and practical, low consumption light bulb is the lights, but the appearance of a traditional light bulb is what we see, so we have good both bulbs, energy saving ones and other more colorful design. There is no why to renounce the finish that we like to maintain the respect of the environment.

In addition now that it is fashionable retro and industrial, a proposal like this has still more sense, this type of traditional bulbs are already practically an antique and leaving them, got a touch that fits well with those styles, to my I love the idea, everything is by covering those light bulbs that save both, but they are horrible.