Design Classics: The Lamp Bumling’s Cutting Edge

If you like the classics of industrial design, Don’t miss this tour by the most recognized work of Anders Pehrson, the beautiful and voluptuous Bumling lamp, designed in 1968 for the firm Atelje Lyktan.

Bumling lamp is highly topical, see it in Nordic interiors, eclectic, or in neorusticos homes lofts or Bohemian chic, everybody wants a Bumling lamp in your home. As a good classic of industrial design which is, adapts to any style beautifully, is very versatile.

Designed at the end of the Decade of the 60s of the last century, Bumling lamp It drew attention, at the time, because of its enormous size: It had a diameter of 60 cm and a bright green nothing discreet. Despite being a tome of exaggerated dimensions and nothing practical, his success was enormous since it was an innovative design, very different from the traditional lamps.

It has a bulb with a body of brushed aluminum, which at the time could go painted with spray in a wide range of colors, turquoise, black, yellow, pink, green, Orange, colors pop. Lamp It was a great success both in Sweden and on the international scenel.

Almost immediately they released the same model in different sizes, obviously smaller, such was the demand that the small factory that produced them was saturated, and they began to need external collaborators to meet such demand.

The enthusiasm was such that quickly Anders began to design variants of the same model, from desktop, foot, type flexo models… Currently most demanded part is the ceiling lamp, although this is only the beginning of a small fever, it may again happen so that in the seventies of the last century.

Currently only Bumling lamp It is available in white, red, silver and gold, You can buy custom made in your usual lamps shop or purchase it from the same manufacturer online. Its price is, like any industrial design classic, something excessive, 462 EUR.

If you prefer a model with a bright and garish color such as emerald green, a Bubblegum pink, a turquoise or Canary yellow, very popular colors currently, you can always resorting to an antique dealer to get it to a vintage piece.

Anders Pehrson is a Swedish industrial designer born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1912, He worked as head of design at Philips House and was the artistic director, owner and founder of the renowned Swedish furniture House Ateljé Lyktan and Åhus.

In addition to designing the classic lamp Bumling It has a wide range of accessories in your haver such as Circling, Crystal, Forsythia, Jasmin, Juniper, Kanon, King, Knubbling, Oak, Queen, Raket, Simris, win or Supertube och Tube.

I leave you with images of different interiors, where the Bumling is the protagonist of a kitchen, a dining room or a lounge. But if it is hard to imagine How would this model with the giant format be then I recommend that you take a look at this post, which tells you how to decorate with large format lamps.