Diana Lamp, Flexos Giant and Colorful as Foot Lamps

It is not the first time that I see giant hoses to illuminate, but who are these people more I liked that I’ve seen so far. On other occasions he had seen were identical to a normal flexo in its form, in these expanding size also has changed the way slightly, especially the support making them more stylish.

In addition this collection of giant hoses that are named Diana and belonging to the firm Delightfull, It includes proposals in lots of bright colours and this makes the lamps even more fun. Color can be added only on the screen while maintaining a neutral or in entire lamp structure as we see in the image above.

On the one hand to remember to the classic hoses have the charm of the old, on the other hand are identified for work so you have an industrial air. Also its form has adapted perfectly for lamp function, and there is also a version of wall of similar characteristics. Finally the color helps us to match or contrast with the environment.

A lamp of these features It can be perfect for almost any room, We can place it in a child’s bedroom, in the living room on one side of the sofa, in the office to bring light on our bench… Each one can place it there where you need it and where you have space for it, it is clear.