Elegant Carved Glass Lee Broom-Bulbs

What bulbs are concerned, we have two options, one is the hide them under great lamps so that they are not and another is the make them increasingly more beautiful to be able to boast of them. Today we have a clear example of the latter, a proposal of Lee Broom’s cut-glass bulbs.

It is likely that some of you have some stay at home for which you have not found lamp yet. That horrible Cap with a normal bulb reminds you constantly and you do not know do not to see it. Changing the light bulb for one like this You can be the solution, clear that there will also be to change the CAP with one that do him justice.

Needless to say that cut glass light bulb works with LED and that the only drawback, that one had to have, is the price that exceeds the one hundred euros. Moreover, it offers very interesting decorative possibilities, takes up much less space than a lamp and is really very elegant.

In addition we can place a single or a set of several. If we opt for the second option we can place group online or in a skewed distribution. Even fits the possibility of placing the bulbs at different heights, for example, may very well be if we put only two, a higher and the other a little more closely than the soil.