Halloween Lamps Ghost of Karim Rashid

It is not that ghost-shaped lamps they are a great discovery, which we have already seen a few over the years, but these have a really sensational design, some are created by Karim Rashid. The designer has created their phantom lamps for the signature Lucedentro.

The name of the lamp is Luke and although it may be perfect for our House throughout the year, most now approaching Halloween and many are looking for details to give a dark touch at the same time fun to our home. In addition when you pass the holiday, we can also leave lamp visible on almost any corner of the House.

In fact although the lamp is perfect for the celebration of the night of the dead, as we can see in the video presentation on these lines, its purpose goes much further. In fact the lamp not has been presented in these days especially for Halloween, but some time ago.

The lamp has the advantage that even without power consumption provides a glimmer in the darkness and therefore It’s perfect for the children’s room. This type of lamps, still shaped ghost, with its colors and its friendly design, not only do not scare, they are fun and even endearing somehow.


351 best Lighting images on Pinterest

351 best Lighting images on Pinterest

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