Katori Azteq Headlight

Product description

The Katori Azteq Headlight  With a focal length of 80 meters and a brightness of 140 lumens.It has extensive life span, adjustable head elastic and lantern tilting illumination.The Katori Flashlight is extremely versatile, suitable for various types of use, from simple walking, rock climbing, cycling, adventure racing, trekking and more.Flashlight perfect for your adventures and with an excellent cost benefit.

Expert Tip:

The best flashlight option is the headlights, because it leaves your hands free to organize your equipment, to walk and lean quietly on the trails and not having to keep holding a flashlight in your hands all the time.For the Camino de Santiago it is interesting that it is a rain-resistant, powerful and durable model

* Tip provided by Mountain Climbing Team athlete:Ian Padilha.

Indications of Use

– Night walks;
– Cycling;
– Mountaineering;
– Travels;
– Climbing;
– Mountain racing;
– Night races;
– Camps.

Technical specifications

– Head lamp;
– It has a focal range of 80 meters;
– Brightness power of 140 lumens;
– Has an extended life span;
– Adjustable Headband;
– Illumination with inclination of the Lantern;
– Focus range: 80m;
– LED power: 1 watt;
– Lighting time: 5/6 hours;
– Batteries: 3x AAA (not included);
– Body made of ABS;
– With rubber button and adjustable elastic fabric straps;
– Imported product;
– Brand: Azteq;
– Warranty: 6 Months.


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About the brand:

Since 2000, Azteq has been developing equipment for outdoor activities, such as trekking, cycling, climbing, camping, and utilities for travel. Azteq products have the main purpose of making the outdoor activity more comfortable, pleasant and safe. All with a cost-benefit among the best in its category.
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