Knotted Rope and a Sphere, The Simplicity of The Lamp The Broadway

Already some time ago that the ropes come stomping in decoration. In recent times we have seen in Decoesfera mirrors hung with ropes, shelves hung with ropes and also lamps hanging with rope as The Broadway, which you teach today and you can see the pictures of this article.

I liked because It combines the rough rope with the softness of the sphere of light and it combines both elements with a golden piece that gives a touch of luxury and elegance. I.e. that it is a very simple thing, but at the same time has its contrasts of styles and can be perfect to give a special touch to very different environments.

In the photo above you reveal the secret of where the cable is, Although it was expected. Obviously in all electrical appliances in which is placed a rope or a cord of color as a pendant cable you have to go inside and rope at the bottom is a simple trim, if it would not work.