Lamp Croissant to Half Way between The Light and The Sculpture

Yesterday saw the lamp Croissant When I spent a moment by A Loja do Gato Preto and I fell in love with her. By its form, when it is not in the ceiling could be mistaken for one sculpture its structure is covered with a kind of metallic ribbon that hides its true use.

I like a lot already to be chrome do well in all types of environments and having no screen all the light that reaches the soil without blending, so it is ideal even for a place of work. If you like, know that it is also available as table lamp (in this case I yes I recommend you pusierais you a screen) and as a wall which I like more, to bedrooms.

Ceiling lamp price is 179 euros, the table only 29 79 and the wall. As I say, I like your way but thinking coldly about it it is a little cumbersome to clean, do not you think?