Lamp Swarovski Tuitera

Recently saw something similar to this lamp in the exhibition ‘ Type in Motion’ at the Barrie Foundation in A Coruña. It was of a screen in which you could immediately see a tweet you write with a particular hashtag, clear that what I saw I was not as spectacular as the lamp from Swarovski which today I show you in this article, but also linked design with technology and interaction 2.0.

The architect and designer London Ron Arad is the creator of Lolita, a lamp built with two thousand Swarovski crystals and more than a thousand LEDs that you make it into a kind of giant and bright screen that displays messages received via Twitter. The prototype of this lamp is now in the Design Museum London in the exhibition ‘ Digital Crystal: Swarovski at the Design Museum’.

In the video you can see lots of information regarding the exhibition in general, lamp tuitera appears in images rather towards the end of the video. It is not the most impressive in appearance, there are large and conspicuous, but it has the detail display our tweets and that which we like to talk about in one hundred and forty characters, love.

If you are curious, I will tell you that it is possible to interact with the lamp ‘Lolita’ and the visitors of the exhibition at the same time, writing tweets with the hashtag #DigitalCrystal. The Tweets as well written, that include the hashtag, will immediately appear on the exposure lamp, Although obviously the thing has more grace if one is there to test it personally.