LED Reflectors: Brightening Gardens

The summer is coming and there’s nothing better than being with well groomed garden to receive friends for an outdoor barbecue on Sunday, so the Planet LED prepared some lighting tips so that your garden becomes a more pleasant and beautiful at night:

  • Halogen lamps are used in landscaping projects, this is due to your high level of colour reproduction, but they have the disadvantage of being hot and transmit heat to vegetation, drying their leaves and burning all the branch, which does not happen with the LED. A big advantage ofLED lighting is that it does not emit infrared or ultraviolet radiation, so values beauty the plant without damaging it.
  • Before choosing a product for your garden lighting, the ideal is to check on the packaging if the chosen product is resistant to heat, dust, moisture and rain, if it is really ideal for outdoors.
  • Bewareavoiding installation place the product in places where rain or the wind blow.
  • The intensity of light is also an important factor of landscape appreciation, especially when you have to design the light long distance as, for example, to highlight trunks and leaves of a tall tree. In this respect, theLED spotlight is a good effective alternative.
  • Travel incolors used will leave your garden different, but use common sense not to get too much Carnival. Lower color temperatures (yellow) convey a more sophisticated. The white light, for your time, give a greater emphasis to a specific plant or tree.

We emphasize that, as in any environment, to illuminate a garden there are no rules. The important thing is to enhance the space, without violence to him, seeking the naturalness and the decoration of a vigorous and enjoyable way.