Lindsay Adelman, an Artisan of Light in Brooklyn

Many times have come in beautifully decorated spaces where lack or excess lighting or a few? inappropriate lamps have they damaged the printing? Lighting and lamps are fundamental and usually a headache since we give more laps than a spinning top to find original features, decorative themselves.

And in one of those turns of spinning top have met the Lindsay Adelman lamps. The process of preparation of their lamps has been one of the reasons for which I wanted to teach his work. Because Lindsay is a hand crafted He founded his New York Studio in 2006 and now has a team of 15 people and a network of local artisans who make every piece custom made.

The first thing that Lindsay makes is the sketch of the lamp and starting from natural structures and metal parts, while its design team performs the model with plastic balloons to represent the outcome of lamp. This work is sometimes in the space where you will locate the chandelier and other times in the study of Brooklyn.

Subsequently, charge the blown glass globes Traditionally, in the workshop of Michiko Sakano, without leaving the neighborhood since everything is in Brooklyn. The Assembly is done by hand in the Manhattan Studio, which facilitates as possible alter design According to the tastes of the buyers.

Adelman has recently expanded its basic materials consisting in wood, brass and glass and now we can find models with ceramic, gold, concrete, etc. Also produce some jewels, vessels or tapestries, also craft.

Before commenting you Lindsay lamps prices, have to understand that they are fully original and handcrafted, that is to say that you can order the details that you like for each design, as balloons, the amount and the form of arms … will have some unique lamps, a la carte, for each recipient.

Also have to understand that a team of professionals take care of that lamp does not suffer damage, leaving it installed in the chosen location, as insurance. So, as you can see on their website, no parts that drops below $2,500, are what come to be 2,000 eurytus.

Do you think the lamps of? Lindsay Adelman? Do not you think that they are almost works of art?