Lovely Lady Lamps Apathy and The Skylight

Winter It is a time of light, lamps, candles. To the prevailing darkness of the street should give it some shine on the inside of the houses, taking care of the lighting to replace the lack of natural light waiting to arrive days brighter with spring and summer.

To give that warmth that we like to the rooms, and to do so also with unique and charming designs, today we bring you up to Decoesfera the lamps designed by Lady neglect the skylight.

Authentic light boxes worked by hand in the workshop of El Lucernario de Madrid, with screen role and a wooden frame to form the box of a lamp that are sure looks great in any corner of your home.

As you can see, when this box is off, It looks like one picture more to decorate the House. And when night falls and the time comes to turn it on, the lamp emits a warm and pleasant light, illuminating the reasons that have been decorated, as some precious cabins of a bucolic Nordic people, or with beautiful illustrations of girls.

Also, to change the bulb, its creators designed the rear cover in carton with one tab that allows you to change the bulb easily. Lamps with much charm and different to give a point of warmth to these cold and dark winter nights.