Play Originals Emerge from Folded Paper Lamps MV

Today I present you another of those firms that I love, which produces but also by its concept, the idea which emerges… MV is a design project that combines the technique of paper folded with woodwork and its design philosophy committed by local, craftsmanship and respect for the environment.

In MV work with materials elementary and everyday like wood and parchment paper and using manual folding shape skeleton and skin of their lamps, that they are as luminous beings. They tell us that its project grew out of the unconscious, of a sheet of paper crease game. Nicole Charneau said that if you give a child a blank sheet, if you don’t have colored pencils to draw, his first gesture will be folding… may not sound more beautiful!!

In MV the sheet of paper, apparently smooth and flat, it becomes a material with the folding process to create. It has capacity to acquire shape and create structures and the firm has decided to create with these structures some precious and very original lamps with which we can decorate our home.

In the manufacturing process the object will be defined, also in the dialogue with other materials such as wire, porcelain or wood. Little by little, parts are fitting and folds find their place on the sheet of paper generating traces, brands that are a map of bent but also memories that will remain engraved on the memory of its fibers.

And it is the desire of MV is that, in front of the object, is discover its history noting its edges and vertices, along with looking paper texture, meaning its folds and technique that makes it possible to form. That is the best way to understand something that for us is a decorative lamp, but they began as the game of folded paper with hands.