Pop Up Lighting, The New Concept of Drop-Down Lamps

Sure that all of you remember when you were children and you gave away books in three dimensions or dropdown. I refer to those books in which when we pass page new mobile tabs, flaps and figures showing us the setting and the characters of the story, to my even now that kind of books I still fascinate.

As well, within the same concept of these 3D books, we now find ourselves with the drop-down lamps or Lighting a Pop that it has been the same. It’s lamps are made from ideas of origami or paper folding that when ignited also unfold, or change its shape.

There are several models of lamps in this style, some of them in animal shape. When lights are off is not so obvious and they are very discreet, but when we act the mechanism for switching on the actual figure appears and it developed into something much more striking.

These lamps are they can fit in any decorative style, they may well be in the children’s room, to which lamps will be very surprising, in any room of the House or even in the office. In my opinion may even constitute a good decorative gift, unless it is something original and that out of the ordinary.