Punctual, Embedded Or Hint: See How Explore Lighting and Change Your Home

The lighting of the environments is not as valued as it should. Here are some examples of lights that can give a whole new guy to your House

Few people think in a house while riding her project, but that detail is just as important as colors and furniture arrangements, for example, and make all the difference in an environment.

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For Katalin Stamer, supervisor of design courses of the European Centre, many people don’t go to enlightenment and therefore can’t even tell which type suits you best. However, even without knowing the details, generally they can remember places which felt nice and cozy thanks to an ambient light.

Besides changing the look, the effects of different types of points of light can cause different sensations on people. See examples and get inspired. The correct light will change the way you and others feel in your home:

Punctual Lighting

The most punctual lighting is also called scenic, and it is used to emphasize objects. It also serves to create a more intimate atmosphere at the site. “Many like this type of lighting the sophistication it brings,” says Katalin.

With white or yellow lights they may work for diverse environments

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Multiple Points

With several lighting points, or “spots” can provide different effects, depending on the amount and disposition of the spots, as they are also called the points of light in the ceiling.

Once again, the type of lamp to be used varies greatly. The amount and arrangement of spots also completely changes the environment, as shown in the images above.


The chandeliers are classical forms of light. More common in dining rooms and be, they are available in various models, to talk with the style of your decor.

They serve perfectly as an item of decoration for the home, and the way of light will vary depending on the choice of lamp to him and the way he has them-with the light up or down.

In the photo on the left we have a modern and sophisticated option, while on the right, the classic style predominates.

Recessed Lights

Lights embedded in slots in the ceiling plaster or behind mirror are an interesting option. They can illuminate very well an environment without the spotlight come directly.

For bathrooms and closets, recessed downlight lamps behind the mirror is a great solution. The vision of makeup or clothes that just dress is much more clear and real.

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Indirect Lighting

Otherwise quite common is the indirect lighting. Usually with lamps installed on the wall, it can be used in various rooms of the House: in the room brings a more intimate feel and outside-as pictured on the right-can create beautiful effects in the dark.