Recicladecoracion: a Lamp Made of a Spring

The lamps are one of the decorative elements more likely to be victims of our effort to recycle and reuse. We have seen lamps made with cans of paint, with handlebars of bicycle, beach balls… but today I’m going to teach a very simple: a lamp made with a sofa spring.

In this case, more than recycling, We are reusing, because virtually nothing alter not objects that we will need, is not more than a large sofa spring, well beautiful bulb that fits into the dock and an old lamp transformer. You can also use one of those that hang bulbs when you buy a House, and make the living room lamp until you worthy to buy one.

Once we have all the necessary materials, you just need to put together them with a minimum of standardor (vertical Pier, the bulb up, cable inside the spring) and we already have our lamp made with a spring ready to enlighten our reading nights or as ambient light in the room.