Recicladecoracion: Bottles That Become a Farm of Lamps

The bottles are among the objects for which more ideas emerge when it comes to recycling. Especially to glass bottles refers, are for their properties and its resistance especially suitable for reuse and to be used in the manufacture of a lot of new elements.

A Nishi Chauhan happened you to the possibility of creating lamps with glass bottles old, okay this is not a novelty, lamps made with bottles we have seen a lot in Decoesfera. But these have a peculiarity and be recycled and give birth, have fun animal shapes and all together make up almost a farm.

Of all the models I’ll stick with Porkys, I do not know very well why but I think I remember someone … the truth is that it was not necessary to dress too bottles so that they look like the animal which seek to represent, with simple details has been achieved an excellent result. original and very funny.

We can choose a particular model or join group mode, several lamps are lamps perfect to place on any table of the House or the input unit for example. Although they are very funny, I would not recommend them for children’s room because they are made of glass, unless only adorn and are out of their reach.