Recicladecoracion: Small Lamps Made with Glasses of Wine

They are called Tacajur and are the latest lamps that I’ve fallen in love with and is rare, because they tend not to like me a lot the table lamps with foot and screen that fit in the traditional way, but they both have something special on screens as above all designs in the foot made with stylish glasses wine.

We have seen many times in Decoesfera fashion and decorative accessories made from recycled glass bottles, But however it is not so common to something done with cups, however it is obvious that they confer to the object that is manufactured with them much of its style and its elegance and also a touch of originality.

I’d like to know How came the designer the idea. It may have been almost by chance, Let’s imagine that someone removed a light to change the bulb and placed the screen in plan joke about a cup surprised to see how well that was… Although there may also be still a more intense creative process, clear.

In fact there are feet of small lamps that look like quite the bases of the cups glass of water and wine, but until now I had never thought that they were inspired by them. And already not only inspired but made directly with the own cups.