Strike 500 Rechargeable Bicycle Light

Power 500 lumen – 2300 mAh internal battery 3.7 V – autonomy 1.7 hours, 2.3 hours, 4.0 hours, 8.0 hours – weight 127 g (with battery) – price: €104.95

I’d like to start this article by thanking our site to have us left several lights BBB models to test during these last weeks, and to share our impressions with readers.

If you are looking for a bicycle light to make night routes you should consider what power you need. If you’re going to circulate through the streets of your city, by bicycle or by broad roads, it may be sufficient with 500 lumens. If yours are MTB routes and you want to roll down any path, the greater the power of the light that mountains on your bike, greater security will give you when faced with a night route.

Strike 500 Rechargeable Bicycle Light 2

Strike 500

This focus of BBB brand Announces a 500 lumen power, supplied by a powerful CREE XM-L Led, and is fair to say that after having it tested along with other foci of 500 lumens of other brands, the real power of the 500 Strike is much greater.

Focus, which can be found in white or black, stands out for its low weight of just 127 grams including the internal battery, and its small size (112 x 35 x 40).
The housing that holds the focus is water resistant and is equipped with the system of ventilation airflow for optimum temperature control. Light is protected against overheating and automatically dims when the temperature reaches the 85th, and returns to its normal power when the temperature decreases.

The upper switch illuminated in blue (becomes red with empty battery) can toggle between five lighting modes: super strong light (500 ml), long light (340 ml), low light (210 ml) and low light (100 ml), and intermittent flash (500 ml). Leaving it hold 2 seconds turns off the light. When is charging switch, which is resistant to water, shows the blue flashing light.

The included bracket assembles the focus on the handlebars. Anchor system allows you to place it on 25.4-31.8 mm tubes once fixed core part on the handlebar (tighten with allen wrench), focus can easily be removed to not leave it in the bike in places “unreliable”. The focus can be rotated on the basis if we direct it towards one side.

If you want to take him in the helmet, a velcro strap allows to fasten the bracket (not included) BLS-70 in our town on which the focus is embedded. Support enables vertically oriented focus to focus on the direction that you want.

Strike 500 Rechargeable Bicycle Light 1

The Internal Battery

The Strike 500 is rechargeable bicycle light using internal battery interchangeable energy bar (BLS-93). It is a light battery (56 grams) and compact (77 x 23 x 23 mm), lithium high quality (3.7V 2300mAh) which can be charged more than 400 times without virtually no loss of power.

It is a battery of USB charging, which can be fully charged in 4 hours. To charge must be introduced into the spotlight, although once loaded can be removed, with only a small turn, to carry as a spare battery.

Battery life will depend on the way of lighting that we use: 1.7 hours if we put it at maximum power (500 ml), 2.3 hours in the second position (340 ml), 4.0 hours in the third (210 ml), 8.0 hours in the fourth (100 ml), and 4.5 hours in mode flash (500 ml).

If you want to make very long night routes you will need a second battery, which you can find for about 20 euros.

Strike 500 Rechargeable Bicycle Light 3

My Personal Opinion

The Strike 500 is a light and compact, with a powerful light that allows us to move safely in asphalt or broad roads. Remains somewhat scarce if we want to make extreme MTB. It is very simple and secure placement on the handlebars of the bike. As in any other focus, it is suitable to complement it with a light in the town that will allow us to better illuminate the path of our curves.

The autonomy of the 500 Strike is more than enough for night routes of short and medium duration, if we want to tackle a long route should take a second or third battery.