Turn Allows to Attenuate The Light with The Wood Screws

Among the essential elements in a House and probably among the most difficult to choose, the lamps are. There are a lot of models within each totally different style, there are lamps of all forms, in all materials, all colors… is very difficult to decide.

And sometimes one finds a new and original model that is completely different from all I’d seen before, which increases its list of possibilities and therefore creates more doubts. For example Turn, one of the lamps of Caroline Olsson, a table lamp very different from the traditional but with decorative possibilities and interesting lighting.

In addition to the cylindrical shape that It makes it seem that the light is enclosed in a jar, the key is to screw. The large wood screw lamps have placed on their side is that gives most of his personality to the lamp decoratively speaking and also allows to regulate the intensity of light.

The control of the light intensity is very important both in the bedroom and in the living room. We don’t have the same intensity if we are reading or working, if just we are relaxing, chatting or watching TV. So it is interesting to be able to control the amount of light we receive at any time as in this case with a simple mechanism.