UTL, Modern Floor Lamp, and Ideal for Small Spaces

Every day I see many floor lamps that I love but not that does not seem to me appropriate for my house. My apartment is small enough and although a floor lamp is always perfect for a lovely corner, If the corner is small, as it is often the case with the corners, the lamp should not occupy too much space.

There are floor lamps which are cute, but which have a too striking design or that much bulk and therefore are not suitable for small spaces because they collapse them. V3RS UTL It is intended precisely for those wishing lighting floor lamp in a modern space, but want to occupy little space.

Perhaps for some design is too simple, it is of a steel structure with a tube that is closed u, at the top, and which illuminates, it is precisely in that simplicity that lies much of its charm. Style lamp is perfect for modern and even minimalist spaces.

As you can see in the images the lamp is very little, to be a lamp, it does not have a large display of those with which ever one has just stumbling and can be placed anywhere in the House, ideal to accompany the sofa, to provide ambient light or to create a reading corner.