Walkthrough:Learn How to Install Led Tape

The LED ribbon adds a special touch to the décor. Widely used as recessed lighting in furniture and linings, it highlights objects and gives a more modern mood to the environment.

There are, on the market, LED tapes with white and yellow lighting, as well as color models.They are also available in several powers – to lighten from small details subtly to some corners that need more light intensity.

Anyway, they are very interesting accessories for those who like to personalize the decoration in a practical and economical way. And you can get more from TOP-MBA-UNIVERSITIES.COM.

Is this your case?So, check out step by step how we prepare you to learn how to install LED tape!

1. Separate the required material

The assembly depends on the type of product chosen.For the 5-meter monochrome LED strip, one of the most common, you will need:

  • Compatible with the configuration of the tape – the 12 V is the most used, but always check the packaging or with a qualified professional;
  • P4 type connector;
  • Soldering iron – if you want to splice two tapes;
  • Tools and electrical materials such as screwdrivers, scissors, pliers and insulation tape.

2. Connect the tape to the

Connect the P4 connector to the power supply.Connect the connector to the LED strip using a screwdriver.At that time, be aware of polarity.The red wire should be connected to the positive terminal.Already the black wire, to the negative terminal.

Connecting tapes in series requires more care.Experts do not recommend connecting more than two tapes, since every 10 meters a new power point is required so that there are no different levels of brightness.

To mend two LED strips, use a soldering iron.

Your LED strip is now ready to be plugged into the mains by connecting the power supply to the wall outlet.

3. Apply the LED strip to a

First of all, thoroughly wipe the surface where you intend to install the tape.With a damp cloth, wipe away any dust and dirt.Wait to dry.

Then measure the tape and cut it if necessary.All LED strips can be cut.There are marked cut-off points on the tape itself, usually every 3 or 6 LEDs.But do not do this with it plugged in!Remember to unplug it from the mains to avoid causing accidents.

The time has come to glue the LED tape: note that on your back there is a double-sided tape exactly for that purpose.Position in the desired location and end the application.

Here are some tips:

  • If you stick the LED strip behind a panel, it should be 3 to 6 inches from the wall, so that it can reflect the light, creating a very interesting effect;
  • In the case of cortineiros, the tape should be glued to the indentation, 3 to 5 centimeters above the level of the plaster.The light part will face the wall or the curtain;
  • For outdoor use , purchase tapes designed specifically for this use, which have a layer of silicone as extra protection.

Although simple, it is always recommended that the installation of LED tape be done by a professional to have a perfect finish.Always buy quality material and to do this, please contact us – come and see our products!